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Many things have changed in this world it seems. My teaching is needed again. You'll be my two first disciples.
Yeah, fuck you.
After a long talk....
You haven't found anything, really? Too bad. Ok you... What, you don't come back?
Sorry boss, we have many things to learn, and it's now or never. Don't worry, we'll come back for you, eventually.

Il semble que Beaucoup de choses ont changées en ce monde. On a de nouveau besoin de moi. Vous serez mes deux premiers disciples.
C'est ça. Ta gueule.
Bien plus tard...
Vous n'avez rien trouvé, vraiment ? Dommage. Bon OK, vous... Quoi, vous revenez pas ?
Désolé boss, nous avons beaucoup à apprendre et c'est maintenant ou jamais. Ne vous inquiétez pas, nous reviendrons vous chercher un jour.

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2007-03-20 23:47:38

* Salagir


I've been reading Scott Adams blog for some time now (err, sorry for googlealerting you again. By the way, I receive an alert 3 times a week now, for my nick. I swear google made this on purpose), and he talks much about "free will", and more generally, what causes our actions and such.
We have the same theory, as each individual is 100% made by his past and I'd even add, with infinite computing capabilities, we could predict all his future actions. Therefore, no free will. But on this subject I will speak another time.

As the title says, I want to talk about opinions. What make you for or against abortion, or Bush, or video games? What make you stick to a particular religion? Answer : a very little from the shape of your brain, and very very much from your background. For exemple, I've never seen an Indouist turning Christian before he ever heard of other religions. How strange is that, when so many people said God talked to tham and converted them??? But on religion I will speak another time.

As I said, background. Someone living in Texas as a farmer has 99.9% more chances to be pro-guns-for-everyone than someone from Japan. Clearly this is not an opinion neither or the two got wholy by himself, after thinking about it a long time.
You will answer : "well of course, people are easily influenced!" My point is we're all 100% fucking influenced! Even if you try not too, it's impossible to look at a situation without all the bad data and prejudice distilled into you.

Here is a situation. A thief gets in your house and you're in the same room as him. What do you think is better? A friend of mine said, grab your rifle, and shoot near him to scare him to death. Or shoot him. Whatever.
I answer, I would never have a rifle home. Even in this situation I would never want one! I'd rather yell very hard, grab an ashtray and attack him (I would never have an ashtray either), or use my jedi powers, and being beaten a hard time. In any case, I would never add a lethal weapon to any confrontation.
What is your opinion? In fact, don't anwser that. I judged that my and his opinion where the same as ... our parents'.
Now for some out-of-my-hat statistics. 93% of people who know someone who were killed by mistake in such a situation with a gun are on my side. 84% of people who know someone who were killed by a thief are on my friend's side. 100% of the thieves are on my side ;) I'm sure you believe in these invented statistics and agree if these people had the opposite experience, they'd be in the opposite stat bar.
Not many people can say, ok, keeping a loaded gun in the drawer is responsible for the death of my whole family but I still think it's a good think to keep a loaded gun in the drawer.
Just as of course, a drunk driver killed my wife and son, but I drive while drunk... to forget the pain (damn, that may happen). Do people who drive uncarefully ever had a very big accident ? Nope.

This is for big events giving you an opinion. Now small events, well, it's called cultural boundings. Most of people think the same as their familly and area. And young who want to be a rebel just think the same as someone on TV.

My conclusion, is by knowing the fact you didn't choose by yourself to have an opinion, by knowing it was given to you, you should also understand that in many situations it can be simply a very bad opinion.

So, tolerate (I don't even say consider) other people opinions. This doesn't mean you can't give you view and try to tell them they're wrong, just... don't try too hard, sometimes.

Readers comments:

2007-03-21 00:01:41


C'est toujours beau les "stfu" qui changent des hommes :)
2007-03-21 00:02:04


Oulah... Space, tout ça...
2007-03-21 00:14:32


Astuce scénaristique n°23: Ressusciter Boudha pour évincer les perso dont on ne sait plus quoi foutre ^^
2007-03-21 00:26:33


le truc c'est que je sais plus qui sont ces gars...le seul truc dont je me souviens c'est qu'ils en veulent a nos geeks...
2007-03-21 00:28:41


2 de moins, je me demande comment va finir BoB avec tout ça :/
Transformé en autruche?
2007-03-21 07:05:24


oO le crane poli au papier de verre...
2007-03-21 07:13:39


La grace...non pas ca!
La joie... non plus!
L'illumination rend ces deux gars-ci plus souriants!
2007-03-21 07:17:27


LA classe en tout cas le crane rasé et qui brille trop classe =) very good strip sala =) la tu me surprend :p j'aime :p
2007-03-21 11:26:27


« And young who want to be a rebel just think the same as someone on TV. »

Apple marketing is targeting these false rebels... It's working very well.

The best way to be a true rebel is to not watch the TV. Don't watch commercials, they are made to influence you. Listen carrefuly to everybody ; post in both a right wing and a left wing forum the same day (trying to understand how and what these different people think, don't troll). Talk to both a fascist and a liberterian the same day.

Or don't do this. You might finish like me, saying stupid things in english in a comment in a webcomic where most people speak french in the early morning instead of sleeping like 'normal' people are doing.
2007-03-21 11:42:31


Hahhahahh ! Trop marrant !
2007-03-21 12:25:36


Eternity, "l'illumination" -> c'est tout à fait ça, ils ont recontrés un illuminé qui se prend pour boudha.
2007-03-21 12:32:52


"Pour une conscience cosmique vers un nouvel âge reminiscent" :D
2007-03-21 12:33:15


Your post was very interresting Roberta ; and I do NOT watch TV ! ^^

N'empêche, Sala, là tu fais fort... BOuddha, meilleur que jamais ! ALLELUIA ! ^^
2007-03-21 13:15:52


@Erlik: Vive Rishnou et le grand gourou Skippy
2007-03-21 14:40:18

My nick.

What I wanna say.
2007-03-21 20:22:08


Classicissime et prévisible comme scénar, mais le point fort du scénar hollywoodien c'est qu'on s'en lasse pas ;D !
2007-03-21 20:30:02


Moi j'dis ils auraient du passer sous le joug du Facteur d'Hyrule >.< !
2007-03-21 22:49:41


prem's !
2007-03-22 14:30:54


Je me demandais :
A quand l'apparition de Chuck Norris qui vient botter le cul du beholder? :D
Puis UG croit en Chuck Norris nan? :')
Enfin super bon.^^
2007-03-22 18:07:32


You look like a spammer. Comment denied.

Fuck, i can't post my comment...

I had made a response to roberta, but it just dont want to work...
2007-03-22 18:17:41


Roberta, being a "true rebel" (anyway, i would like someone to tell me what's a true rebel. Is there a wrong way of being rebel ? I mean, if being a rebel is just following the "true rebel guidelines", it's just not being rebel anymore... I mean, people in my school think that they are rebels, and think that they don't give a fuck about fashion. But, guess what, they all have millitary trousers, at least a nirvana swet shirt, skateboarding shoes, and a keffieh... There's no "true way to be rebel, according to me. That was a quite long bracket lol).
2007-03-22 18:18:27


So i was saying that being a "true rebel" don't prevent you from having an opinion. You can be a rebel and think that you dont want to have anything to do with left or right winged people, and avoid them. Of course you need to be open minded, but you don't have to listen to EVERYBODY (including facists).
2007-03-22 18:19:17


And, a last thing. Saying "I hate that band", or that TV show, or TV, or blogs, or anything you want, just because that's fashion, is, according to me, one of the dumbest thing you can think. Let me explain. "I dont like basketball shoes because they are fashion, as a rebel I must have my own opinion, and i don't want to be like everyone else".
2007-03-22 18:19:31


That's stupid, you can't have your own opinion and behave one way just because people are behaving the other way (following me ?). It would mean that if one day people start to wear the same clothes as you, you would stop ? It just means that you want to be different, it does not mean that you are a rebel, that you want people to notice you.
2007-03-22 18:19:55


I just hate people who say they are rebels.

People tell me I am a rebel, but i'm not, i'm just myself, and i just do or wear or listen to what i want, according to my own opinion, not to the opînion of the people around me.

(That's a long comment)
2007-03-22 18:36:57

My nickname

2007-03-22 18:37:44


Ouais Salagir le BG il passe sur BashFR x)
2007-03-22 18:38:30


HA HA HA t'es trop Dark :( moi il veule pas mes Quote ZELDA >_< !
2007-03-22 20:41:07


@ Ptival---> Il était déjà passé une fois.(moi aussi, d'ailleurs).
2007-03-22 21:25:24


Mon dieu je viens de la voir la quote...XD mais quel con j'fais comment pour arreter de rire moi ??!
2007-03-22 22:07:57


Le pouvoir de persuasion o_o

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