The saga of Hanasia, Saiyans' Queen
Tue, 09 Jul 2013
This is a fanfic about the Saiyans planet, 1000 years ago.
If you ever wondered how these so powerful people lived as a community, if you want to know what was the fate of Millennium Warriors before Broly, if the adventures of a frantic and emotional fighter in a world of bullies tempts you, enter the world of Hanasia's saga.
Why do witches burn ?
PHP functions reminder
Thu, 11 Apr 2013
I love PHP, but when it comes to consistency, it sucks very very very hard. I’m tired of going to the (very very good) site to check functions arguments and order and such, so now, all what I usually check will be here. Nothing here is “complete”. My goal isn’t to make a doc, [...]
Why do witches burn ?
Easy page setting for scenarists
Mon, 07 Jun 2010
This page is for the cartoonists who will work with me as a scenarist. I explain here my methods. When I write a page, I do it panel per panel. Each panel is separated by two line return, and each information is on a new line. Description, each said sentence... Example : Broly ...
Why do witches burn ?
Backup organizer
Fri, 07 May 2010
Backuping data is real easy (with linux). I use three different ways: For a data base BDD : mysqldump [cnx infos] |gzip > backupbdd.sql.gz For not too numerous files, which data is important, like configuration ones: tar czvf yoyobackup.tar.gz dafiles/ For files I want to access easily and/or numerous : rsync -av me/ ...